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Study Groups


Connect in a virtual room with classmates to create a study group  for any upcoming quizzes or exams. 

1-1 Tutoring

Pair with educators who specializes in your childs subject, tutoring will give that extra boost that your child needs. 

Virtual Recess Events

It's Virtual! Whether home or away, take summer camp where ever you go. 

Activity Pods


Perfect for enrichment, choose from a variety of curated activities come.

for Grades K-12


Please pardon our appearance as we continue to create the best space for your child. 

Anytime, Anywhere

Connecting with classmates and friends outside of school is now easier than ever before. Register today!

STEM classes are designed to allow children to communicate their thoughts, be creative, and explore new concepts. Students must systematically think through problems, apply the information they learn about technology and engineering to figure out the best solutions.

Cooking allows children to explore and experience all five senses. Children will recognize the incorporation of everyday math concepts. Broaden their tiny palettes and cultural awareness to different flavors. Watch their confidence improve as they get comfortable in the kitchen and prepared for a very important life skill. 

Artistic activities promotes visual, motor and social development. Children are encouraged to explore their imagination and build upon subject matter and historical art features to create their own masterpieces.

Junior Book Club allow kids to regain social interaction and engagement with their peers. Kids gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. Beat the "fourth grade slump" and join today. 


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